Coraline Weng

Coraline (Jingyan) Weng was born in Fuzhou, FuJian, China in 1996. She received her bachelors degree from the Department of Environmental Design at the Nanjing Forestry University in 2018, and plans to further her education in The United States. 

Coraline’s background in environmental design serves to supplement the crux of her creative interests, which lay somewhere in the crossroads of urban unity, group psychology, and the new effects of digital expansion in mainland China. Often expressed through the collaging of objects and the reflective space between them, and the repurposing of digital images and visual effects. 

Though above all, her preferred medium is sculpture. The material variation and freedom of design coupled with ridged structure - permanence or impermanence, and the importance of space and installation, best compliments her self-expression. 

Artistically, Coraline’s struggle is in the interpretation of her closely bound culture and government, it’s influence on her people, her self, and her capacity to produce art in the contemporary sphere.


As a side note, Coraline is shamelessly obsessed with cats. And is not afraid to admit she can source the first spark of her creative self to Harry Potter, which communicates with simple, racially transcending elegance, that the individual - can exist, and that there, is the root of magic.





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